Politische Situation

Die beiden Bürgerkriegsparteine haben zwar schon lange friedengeschlossen, aber die Renamo welche ihre Anhänger vorallem im Norden findet, ist immer wieder unzufrieden mit der regierenden Freliomo. Deshalb kommt es immer wieder zu Aufstände im Norden, so dass gewisse Strecken nur im Konvoj zu befahren sind.

Bei Bei DRIVEMOZ ist mehr zu erfahren.

11.04.2017 Ergänzung zum Visa

Laut dem folgenden Artikel werden nun Visa auch offiziell an 44 Grenzeübergänge ausgestellt.

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Polizei und Korruption

Viele Jahre war die Polizei in deisem bekannt für Ihr korruptes verhalten, besonders gegen über Touristen. Als wir im April 2017 das Land besuchten hatten wir nie Probleme mit den Ordnungshütter. Bei den Kontrollposten wurden wir immer durch gewunken.

Die Geschwindikeitskontrollen waren auch immer brüchtigt. Wir wurden einmal angehalten will wir statt mit 60km/h bei 65km/h erwischt wurden. Nach einem kurzen Gespräch mit dem Offizier musst aber keine Busse bezahlen.

Folgendes habe ich in einem südafrikanischen Forum gefunden.
Es beschreibt zwar einen bestimmten Grenzübergang, lässt sich aber vermutlich auch bei anderen anwenden. Zudem gibt es auch noch andere Tipps,

Border crossing Lebombo – Rossano Garcia
Many tourists are uncertain as to the procedure of crossing the border from South Africa to Mozambique. There are simply rules to follow and some people to avoid.
What you need:
Valid passport for each person in your party no matter how old or young. You are digitally fingerprinted on the Mozambique side „when the system is online“ so make sure that although one person can cue the entire traveling party should in the end be scanned in at the counter.
You should have two open pages for stamping in your passport and a minimum validity of six months
Car registration, this is not the document where the licence shield is cut out of, you need the full registration paper.
If you vehicle is financed your require a fax from the bank and a copy of the licence documentation, the fax stating that the bank allows you to do cross border travel.
Valid third party insurance, it costs ZAR 220 per month multiple entries allowed, do not get yourself in a fix because you believe it is worth saving ZAR 220 by not buying the third party insurance. The insurance can be purchased at both SASOL and BP garage on the N4 toward the border in the region of Komatipoort.
Two yellow road emergency vests and a set of red emergency triangles, please also note you are required to have a fire extinguisher* in your vehicle and it should not have expired or it should have a sticker on that it has been serviced by reputable company.
South African Rand or Metica to pay for two Toll gates the first cost 150 Mets and the other Mest 25 depending on where you go in Mozambique you might miss the one or the other. Please note these are strictly cash plazas and there are no banks in the vicinity. Toy can pay in ZAR, MT or US$.
Exchanging money:
It is highly recommended to exchange money at the SASOL or BP garage on the South African side before you enter the border, the ladies there are friendly and you will not get ripped off, please count every bank note you receive in front of the ladies.
The procedure to enter trough the border:
Arriving on the South African side of the border you will be stopped to receive a „Gate Pass“, this pass will have your car registration number on it as well as the amount of travelers that are in your car, you are to take this pass from the guard and proceed to the border post.
On arriving at the border post, DO NOT give your passport or any documents to anyone outside the building only work with personnel sitting on the other side of the counter. Enter at the customs side and have your Gate pass stamped [At Customs]. Then proceed to the emigration window and have your passport stamped, please note it is better that each person takes their passport individually it is the law.
Make sure at immigration side where you have your passport stamped that you have your Gate Pass stamped a second time, your car registration will also be entered into the system.
On leaving the South African side of the border with your vehicle you will be stopped where a guard will collect your gate pass.
Now you are out of South Africa…
You now enter the Mozambique side, the police will stop you and fill out the Mozambique gate Pass, on receiving your Mozambique gate pass, slowly drive up the hill to the Mozambique border post. Runners will again try to stop you and take your passports when you arrive, do not use the runners if it is not absolutely necessary. Should you make use of a runner make sure that the price of ‚him helping with your paper work‘ is pre-negotiated.
Park your car, one person can now fill out the customs paperwork while a second person of your party can stand in line at the immigrations counter. The customs documents requires the information of your vehicle, VIN and engine chassis number, drivers licence and address where you will stay in Mozambique. If you are packed to the roof specify equipment such as camping equipment, Kayaks and Quads exc exc… otherwise you might pay import tax on your return to South Africa.
Fill out the customs forms and take it back to the customs counter with your gate pass, have both stamped and keep your customs papers for re-entry when you return to South Africa.
Now everybody in your party can have their passports stamped and off you go:
Please note South African citizens do not require a VISA. European and American citizens will pay roughly $70-80 per single entry Visa per person.
Now get everybody back in the car, get your gate pass and go to one of the officers in blue and ask him to inspect your car. This is where charm gets you further than arrogance, indicate that your going on holiday or if you are on business. There will be numerous attempts by the officers to persuade you that this-and-that-and-the- other is not allowed or that you have to unpack your entire car and declare everything, although they have the right to ask you. Just act as if you are ready and start unpacking very very slowly. Ask the officer if he will please look after things as you unpack and if he will please help you when you have to reload the car.
TAKE YOUR time I guarantee you, that you will not have to got far with the unpacking, it is just psychological warfare and a cool head and charm wins the game, nothing wrong with handing out a can of Coke but first show your willingness to unpack your mess, once he has signed your gate pass, you are on your way.
AT NO POINT IN TIME are you required to pay the officer, if anything requires import which it does not as you are bringing it back to South Africa then the officer has to fill out a customs form. If he wants you to pay customs on your meat or produce, let him fill out a form, only in very rare occasions will they proceed as they are waiting for you to act with a bribe.
At the exit of the Mozambique border post hand in your gate pass, if at this stage you have not done the tango with one of the officers-you will be asked turn around and go trough the procedure mentioned above, YOU DO require a officer signing off on the customs cargo. So get it done the first time, it only gets tougher the second time around if you are sent back.
WELCOME in Mozambique.
Identification and the role of the different officers of law in Mozambique:
Traffic police wear white shirts and navy blue trousers. Regular police wear grey uniforms. Always note the name of the officer and insist on identification. Regular police may search your car for weapons. You may be asked to show your Passport and or Drivers licence, at no point in time are you required to hand over your Identification only to show it.
Traffic and police, stopping and bribing:
It is against the law to bribe and it should be against your principals; any officer of the law is allowed to stop you but no one is allowed to take money form you with out a formal ticket.
How do you handle the traffic officers in Mozambique. When you are stopped put your arrogance in your pocket, you should remember that you are a guest in another country. Have your drivers licence, customs document, registration papers, holiday accommodation, third party insurance all in one folder. The more paperwork you have the better, keep it together and show that you are prepared. Remember „traveling in Mozambique is often more exciting than arriving“ so take it in your stride. Have your car inspected sit patiently as the officer paces, or goes back to his car or talk to another officer, open a Coke and wait for him to ask for one he will eventually.
There are people who get stopped for driving with sunglasses or having boxes on the back seat or any other possible thing known or unknown to man. Thais is not the law in Mozambique and it does not matter how much he goes on about it HE NEEDS TO WRITE YOU A TICKET. You will also be threatened with having to go to the police office, „so what“ the law is the law and if you did not break it reply calmly. “ If I made a mistake I am sorry lets go to the police station“
ON the other hand if you did break the law get fined, pay your ticket and frame it as part of the holiday memorabilia. IF you are in the wrong pay but make sure to get a ticket/receipt, you have no right to fight with a officer of the law if you were wrong.
We strongly advise that you print out this form, you are welcome to ask the officer stopping you for his information. If it is a legitimate fine, he/she will have no problem vouching their identification information.
Here is the anti-corruption number, do not be a fool to use it if you broke the law. If you are wrong you will get fined pay your ticket and learn from it.
Anti corruption hot line Mozambique:
+258 82 965 7804
Medical emergencies Mozambique:
84 124 ER24
Police in Mozambique:
+258 21 400 159
Trac N4 toll road Emergencies Mozambique:
+258 82 303 4 303
Have a great time in Mozambique.
More information from MOZ INFO:
The legal age in Mozambique to drive a QUAD BIKE is 18 years.
No driving on the beach or primary dunes permitted by any motored vehicle.

*Eigentlich muss nur in kommerziellen Fahrzeuge ein Feuerlöscher mitgeführt werden, aber einen Polizisten davon zu überzeugen wird wohl schwerfallen.